NOTD Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter and Jessica Samba Parade

Hi everyone :)

Today’s NOTD is Jessica’s Samba Parade with Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter. I wore this combo quite a lot around Christmas time but I think it’s really pretty for any time of year!

I love the Barry M Rose Quartz glitter polish but found it to be a little sheer for me when applied on its own as I like something with a bit more colour. I decided to pair it with Samba Parade from Jessica which is my favourite pale pink varnish and I love the overall look of the two together. I had to apply about three coats of the glitter to get my nails looking really sparkly but I love the finished look.

Have any of you guys got a combo of varnishes that you love?

Hope you like the look :)

Thanks for reading xx


  1. This looks lovely! I love how glitter looks but I wish it wasn't such a pain to remove!

    your newest follower! x

  2. pretty nails! Love the glitter!

    I would love if you stopped by my blog<3

  3. @Jenn

    I know, glitter is such a pain to get off! As I have acrylics I usually end up getting the person that does my nails to drill it off! Thanks for following :) x

  4. @Nattie

    Thank you :) I'm loving glitter nails at the moment, I've bought so many glitter polishes :)

    Thanks for commenting, I will take a look at your blog too!

  5. This is gorgeous!!! I LOVE the glitter, it looks amazing :)

    I have just followed, and I would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog and follow back if you like what you see :)

    Lauren xx

  6. @Lauren Wigley

    Glad you like it, I think the glitter is really pretty too :) Thank you for following, I will take a look at your blog too! xx