Avon Nail Art Tool!


If you read my blog you will probably know by now that I love nail art and have been really into trying out different designs recently. That’s why, when I saw this nail art tool in Avon I just had to have it and at only £3 it’s such a bargain too!

 The nail art pen has a really thin brush on one end for painting extra detail on the nails and a dotting tool on the other end. Although I love nail art I am by no means the best at it but you can create spotty designs so quickly and easily with this tool. The brush side takes a little bit more practice to get right and I’ll definitely need to stick with it before I get any good at it. Having said that, it is much easier with such a thin brush and you don’t have to go crazy with trying to create super detailed nail art, you can just do something simple but effective.

I just did a couple of quick designs to show you what you can do with the nail art tool. The polishes I have used are Barry M Dragon Fruit (pink), Natural Collection white, Avon Nailwear Pro in Vintage Blue and Luxe Lavender and Revlon Colourstay in Buttercup (yellow).

Have any of you guys tried this nail art pen? I’d love to see the nail art you have created with it if you have :)

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Never seen anything like this it's a great idea and what a bargain!!


  2. @Tia I hadn't seen anything like it either so definitely had to give it a try. I think I need more practice with it but it makes nail art so much easier! :) x

  3. I saw this and really wanted to try it, but just didn't get around to ordering it :(

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle
    Bree :)

  4. @Bree You can still get it online or it's in the current book :) I'd really recommend it, it makes nail art so much easier! x