Perfect 10 Instant Nails

Hi everyone :)

I have had to wait a while between my nail appointments this time and so the gel polish was starting to grow out and look a bit tatty. I am going for my nails doing on Tuesday so I thought in the mean time I would try these stick on ones which I found in Bodycare.

In the pack you get 24 nails in various sizes and the glue to stick them on with for £3.99. If you didn't want to use the glue you can also buy tabs separately instead which I think we're about £1. To put the nails on you simply have to select the appropriate sizes for your nails, you may need to file them down a bit to get a good match. You then put some of the glue onto your nail and press the fake nail down on top, holding it in place for about ten seconds. And voila, an instant manicure!

At first I was really impressed with the nails. The sizes were already a good match so I didn't have to file them down too much and I liked that the colour fades ever so slightly at the bottom of the nail which makes them look more realistic. They are firmly stuck down and didn't come off when having a shower or doing the washing up or anything like that. My boyfriend even commented on how good they looked and was surprised when I told him I had done them myself.

The only problem I have had with these nails is that I have only had them on for a couple of days and they already look really scratty. The surface of them has scratched like mad and the shine they originally had has really faded. I tried to capture this in the photo below but it was difficult to photograph all the scratches and marks. Hopefully you can see however, that they aren't as shiny in the second photo as they are in the first one. I was disappointed that the condition of them has gone downhill so quickly but perhaps if you paint a layer of clear polish over the top when you first put them on then this may help protect them a little.

I haven't tried to take the nails off yet but I think I will be able to get them off fairly easily. The pack tells you to soak them off in acetone but if you're like me then you'll probably be able to pick them off quite easily.

Overall I think these nails will be really good if you're going on a night out, to a wedding or party where you'll only need them for a day or so but I wouldn't recommend them for any longer than that.

Have you tried stick on nails? What did you think?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Never used them as I am lucky my nails do grow but these look really nice on you xx


  2. @Tia Thank you :) I wish my nails would grow but I've ruined them by having acrylics on! xx