New Year's Eve Nails

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Ours was certainly one to remember as we ended up spending all of Christmas evening and Boxing Day shifting water to prevent our house from flooding! The weather has been so bad here and my thoughts are with anyone who has had problems with the flooding. Although the water didn’t come inside the house, it was very stressful trying to keep it out and I know others have been affected much more than us.

On to today’s post now though and I thought I would share with you an idea for super glittery New Year’s Eve nails. This is such a good time to go all out with makeup, hair and outfits and I love how sparkly these nails are as well as being so easy to achieve.

Firstly, I painted a coat of silver gel polish on my nails to make the glitter stand out more and set it under the lamp. If you don’t have gel polishes, normal nail varnish will work as well. Next I simply used my finger to dab glitter from a pot onto my nails. If you’re using normal polish you will need to wait until it has dried slightly but is still sticky before doing this. Simply keep applying the glitter until you have the coverage that you want and then apply either your gel top coat or polish top coat to finish it off. When using the gel I have found that you will get a smoother finish than with the polish which may leave the glitter feeling a little raised. I don’t think this is much of a problem though and I still love the overall look.

These are some of my favourite nails to create and I think they are perfect for NYE as well as being so easy to do!

Which nail varnish / gel will you be using this New Year’s Eve? Do you like the super glittery look or something more subtle?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. Are you living in one of the loading areas, Hannah? I read about the horrible floods in the UK but had no idea if any of my favourite UK bloggers were affected. Stay safe please. xx

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  2. Where we are actually isn't too bad compared to others but we had flooding caused by a brook at the back of our house and some over flowing drains. Thankfully we just kept it out of the house but it was a close call and certianly a Christmas to remember! Thank you for asking though Shireen, I hope you are ok and had a lovely Christmas. xx

  3. Ahh I can imagine it must have been quite frustrating having to spend your Christmas holidays chucking water out as you must have been looking forward to having a nice relaxing day with your family. I've been watching a lot on the floods on the news and it's so bad, thankfully we don't have flood warnings here, just plenty of rain and winds. The nails look great, and I hope you atleast get to enjoy the new year :)

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  4. It was a bit of a nightmare but we could have been much worse off and thankfully there was no damage :) I'm glad you like the nails, I love them as they are so sparkly! Hope you had a lovely new year x