June Favourites

Hi everyone,

We are now over a week into July so apologies that this post is coming a little late. I have been ill this week but thankfully I’m on the mend now and hoping to be able to go back to work next week and just get back to normal as I am really starting to get cabin fever now! I actually didn’t have too many new favourites in June as I was on holiday for most of it and so was wearing very little makeup and keeping my skincare routine to a minimum. There are a couple of other things that I have enjoyed using throughout the last few weeks though so I thought I would still do a monthly favourites post to share them with everyone.

1)  Glass Mason Drinking Jar (£2.99)

I bought this drinking jar from my local gardening centre and as soon as I saw it I just thought it was so cute. My boyfriend keeps going mad at me for buying more and more cups, glasses, Tupperware and cute little bowls but I say you can never have too many. I have pretty much used this glass every time I have had a drink since I got it so I am definitely getting my money’s worth.

2)  Skinny Dip Phone Cases (£14 and £12)

When I was on holiday we had wifi on the beach which turned out to be quite dangerous for my bank balance as I spent my days sunbathing and online shopping! It was like Christmas when I got home as there were so many parcels waiting for me and thankfully it made the holiday blues a little easier to deal with! One of the orders I made was to Skinny Dip where I got these two iPhone cases. I had had my eye on the unicorn one for ages but I also couldn’t resist the rose gold and pink glitter one which is just right up my street.

3)  Nature’s Ingredients Lemon Verbena Body Butter (£7)

I am not a person that tans very easily so when I actually managed to get a little bit of a tan when I was on holiday, I wanted to make sure I kept it as long as possible. This body butter from Marks and Spencer has been one of my favourites and also one of my boyfriend’s favourites unfortunately for me! It smells so delicious and refreshing and really hydrated my skin well allowing me to keep my tan from peeling that bit longer. There is also a lighter version available which will be great for when my skin isn’t feeling as dry.

4)  The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver Instant Smoother (£16)

I bought this before I went on holiday on the recommendation of a friend who said it had really helped improve the condition of her skin. I’m not sure I can say it has improved my skin that much so far but I have still enjoyed using it and will definitely be repurchasing it once it has run out. It has a silicone feel to it which I liken to Benefit’s Professional and I have been using it mainly underneath my makeup as a primer. It helps my makeup go on really smoothly and just gives my skin an overall boost. There is quite a strong orange scent to it which may not be to everyone’s taste but I really like it and find it to be quite refreshing.

5)  Topshop Nail Polish in Leigh (£6)

Blue nail polishes tend not to be my thing normally but I couldn’t resist this cute pale blue polish from Topshop which is just perfect for this time of year. I often forget about Topshop makeup but I have always liked any products that I have picked up from there in the past. If you have any recommendations for products from there please let me know as I really want to try more from their range.

And that’s it! A bit of a mixed bag this month and not all beauty products but June has not been a normal month for me. Although July has got off to a bit of a rocky start, I am hoping it will be a good month with lots of new things to try.

Which products did you enjoy using throughout June? How has your July been so far?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. Love the look of the phonecases, so sparkly!

    Parie x

  2. The phonecases are so cute! I can't pick which one I like more, they are both really adorable:)And that body butter looks like it smells so delicious:) great list of favorites:)

  3. Hope you get well soon! The jar is so so cute! Today I had a lemonade served in a similar one, and I was just discussing with my friend it's very cute. Love the nail polish shade!

    Sun and Sany - Bulgarian travel and leisure blog

  4. The Body Shop Vitamin C range has gotten rave reviews by many and it's in my list to try too. Probably won't be anytime soon though as I have a massive amount of skincare to go through.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. @Parie Joshi Anything pink or sparkly is always a winner with me! :) x

  6. @Jessica Corona I know, I don't really need two but I couldn't pick either! The body butter really does smell delicious and so refreshing which is perfect for summer :) x

  7. @Stanislava E. Thank you :) I'm obsessed with the drinking jar at the moment and anything cutesie for my kitchen :) x

  8. @Shireen L. Platt I hadn't heard that much about it until my friend mentioned it but now it's on my radar I'm seeing it everywhere! I have the moisturiser to try too so I'm hoping that will be just as good :) x

  9. I'm glad to hear you've been feeling better! June was a bit busy for me as I was finishing off at work, but July's been a lot more calm for me. I'm trying out a few products like a setting spray and some Vichy foundations, so it's been a month of experimenting for me so far :)

    Velvet Blush

  10. I too always end up buying glasses and cute tupperware knowing I haveinno room ha! Tesco have some great choices :)
    I haven't tried anything from the Body Shop Vitamin C range yet, the instant smoother sounds amazing. Definitely adding it to my list lol :) x

  11. @Velvet Blush Thank you :) I'm hoping the rest of July will be a bit calmer for me too and I'm looking forward to getting back to normal after being ill! I'll look forward to reading any reviews of the products you're experimenting with over on your blog :) x

  12. @Natasha Ooh thanks for the tip, I'll take a look at Tesco although my boyfriend really will go mad if I bring home any more haha. I have been loving the Instant Smoother but I'm currently testing the moisturiser and I'm not so sure so far. I'll give it a bit longer though and see how I get on :) x