Perfume Countdown!

Hi guys, hope you’re all well!
Recently I have been a bit obsessed with perfumes and have built up quite a collection so I thought I would do a top five perfumes blog post for you guys. I’m not an expert on the different notes that can be found in certain perfumes and all the fragrance jargon but I have done my best and hopefully you will be able to get an idea of the kinds of fragrances offered by each one. It was so hard for me to pick my favourites but I have narrowed it down to these few :)
1) Calvin Klein - Sheer Beauty     

I got this perfume quite recently and I just love it! It is a floral fragrance with a hint of musk and perfect for the spring season. I’m not usually a big fan of musk in perfumes but it is quite subtle and the overriding scent is definitely more floral. According to Calvin Klein the top notes of this perfume are peach bellini accords, red berry extract and bergamot with the middle notes being pink lily accord, jasmine and peony.
2) Marc Jacobs - Daisy    
Another floral scent which is lovely for the upcoming summer months is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This perfume has been a favourite of mine for quite a while now and the one which I am always going back to. Daisy contains notes of wild strawberry, red grapefruit and vanilla amongst others, making it a fresh and feminine fragrance. I also love the bottle with the daisy top which makes it really stand out.
3) Gucci Guilty   
I was given this perfume for my birthday last year and have loved it ever since. It is quite a strong scent which is both floral and citrusy and one which I often reach for when I am going on a night out. The top notes of this perfume include mandarin to give it that citrus burst followed by geranium, lilac and peach middle notes to provide the floral scents.  Again I really like the design of the bottle with the gold and glass combination and iconic linked G letters. 
4) Rock ‘n’ Rose by Valentino     

 As you have probably guessed by now I am quite a fan of floral perfumes and Rock ‘n’ Rose by Valentino is no exception. As the name suggests this perfume has on overriding rose scent and is quite a sweet and feminine fragrance.  It reminds me of the smell you get just as you walk into a florist but that might just be me!
5)   Vera Wang Princess   

This perfume comes in a heart shaped bottle with the crown lid which is really cute and girly to match the sweet and fruity fragrance inside. Vera Wang Princess features top notes of apple, water lily and mandarin and for me it is something a bit different to the other perfumes that I have. As you can see I have nearly finished the bottle but it is definitely a perfume which I would buy again and again.
So that’s it for my top five perfumes! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and could get a bit of an idea of what the perfumes smell like from the short descriptions. I didn’t want to go on too much and just tried to keep it short and sweet!
Are there any perfumes which you guys always go back to? I’d love to hear which perfumes you are loving at the moment as well as which ones you would steer clear of!
Thank you for reading :)

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