Seventeen Peep Show Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

After trying the Doll’d Up mascara from Seventeen and loving it, I decided to try out Peep Show as I had heard good things about it and wondered if the other mascaras from this brand were just as good as the first one I tried.

Like Doll’d Up, Peep Show costs just £6.29 (although it is currently on offer at Boots for £4) and promises to lengthen and volumise lashes to create a false lash effect. I was instantly drawn to the cute, girly packaging and was excited to try it out as Doll’d Up had been such a surprising find.

Now I don’t write many bad reviews and most products I try I often end up liking in some way or another, but I was really disappointed with this mascara. I found it to be really clumpy and difficult to work with as it dried too fast, meaning that I couldn’t apply as many coats as I would have liked. I also didn’t think it added any length to my lashes at all and actually made them look rather short and stumpy. I did find it a lot better for volumising rather than lengthening so if your lashes are naturally quite long you might like this mascara a bit more than I did. It also seemed to dry out in the tube quite quickly and it became all clumpy and messy around the top not long after I had bought it.

I stuck it out for about two weeks with this mascara before heading back to Boots to pick up another Doll’d Up one instead (which is also on offer for £4 at the moment!). I was disappointed that I didn’t like it but I guess you never know until you’ve tried! I know some people who love this mascara and buy it religiously but I’m sad to say it just wasn’t for me.

Have any of you guys tried Peep Show from Seventeen? Did you love it or hate it?

Thanks for reading :) xx


  1. I have tried this and really enjoyed it. It's a shame it didn't work for you! X

  2. @Kate Musgrove I have heard so many mixed reviews of this mascara, I think it must be either a love or hate product :) x