British Blogger Selection Week 4 - Favourite Beauty Brand


So we are now on to week 4 of the British Blogger Selection and the theme for this week is Favourite Makeup Brand and Why. This is a really tough one for me and if you look through my makeup collection there isn’t one brand that would jump out as one I always buy from. However, after a lot of umming and ahhing over this question I think I am going to go with NARS as my favourite beauty brand.

As NARS is a little on the pricey side I don’t have many of their products but as you may have seen in my last post I have recently become a bit obsessed with Laguna bronzer. You can read a full review of it here but I can definitely say that it lives up to the very high expectations I had for it. I also think the NARS powder blushers are absolutely amazing and they are my all time favourite blushers. I have the shades Lustre, Orgasm and Sin (which I have only just bought) and I honestly love them all. Whilst I was shopping the other day I got a sample of the NARS Sheer Glow foundation which I have also heard fab things about. I only got one day’s wear out of the sample and I would definitely need to try it out for longer to develop a proper opinion on it but I have to say my first impressions were very good.

 So overall, even though my whole makeup collection isn’t made up of NARS products, the makeup I do have from this brand I have been seriously impressed by and there’s not one product that I’ve tried that has disappointed me.

Which makeup brand is your favourite? Which products would you recommend?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

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