The Sunshine Blog Award!

Hi everyone :)

Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to Amalia from Ams Little Bit of Everything for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! It absolutely made my day to see that I had been nominated and it’s always lovely to hear that someone has enjoyed reading your blog :) Thank you so much Amalia!

The Sunshine Award is an award for bloggers who are ‘positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere’. I think that is such a lovely award to be nominated for as I never thought I would inspire others with my blogging and it’s so nice to hear that people enjoy reading my ramblings!

When you are nominated you are then to share 11 facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions set by the person that nominated you. Next you have to nominate 11 bloggers that you think should receive the award and set 11 questions for them to answer, not forgetting to let them know that they have been nominated.

So here are the 11 facts about me!

1)    I studied English Language at Lancaster University
2)    I can play the flute and piano
3)    I have a westie named Frankie

4)    I love anything sparkly and girly
5)    I am allergic to MAC foundation :(
6)    I am currently on a hair straightener ban!
7)    I have a massive phobia of spiders so much so that my dad looked into getting me hypnotised!
8)    I love to read and my favourite books are the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

9)    I really want to go back to college and study makeup artistry
10) I’d love to own my own boutique shop one day
11) My friend is giving me cooking and baking lessons as I am a terrible terrible cook!

And my answers to the questions set by Amalia....

1)   What is your favourite animal?

I think I have to say dogs, and westies in particular.

2)   Who is your favourite YouTuber?

I’m going to say Kandee Johnson as she is always so happy and positive and her videos and blog inspired me to start a blog of my own.

3)   Do you have a celebrity girl crush, if yes, who?

Nicole Scherzinger!

4)   What makeup brand could you not live without?

This is a tough one as there are so many makeup brands that I love but I think I’d struggle without Nars.

5)   What are your favourite TV programmes?

Coronation Street, Keeping up with the Kardashians, TOWIE, Big Bang Theory, Mr Selfridge
6)   What is your favourite time of year?

To be honest I’m not sure! I love summer and I always feel really positive and happy when the sun is out but then I love being all wrapped up and cosy in winter and I prefer winter fashion as well.

7)   Lipstick or mascara?

Mascara wins for me as I wear mascara every day but I don’t always wear lipstick.
8)   What piece of clothing do you own that you could not live without?

Probably my Topshop jeans, not very glamorous but I probably wear them the most out of all my items of clothes.

9)   If you could change three things about yourself what would you change?

I’d have longer and thicker hair, I wouldn’t worry so much and I would have a more toned stomach.

10)                What is your biggest fear?

I think my biggest fear is probably just failing. I put a lot of pressure on myself and tend to be quite hard on myself because I just want to make sure I do well in whatever it is I’m doing.

The blogs I would like to nominate for the Sunshine Award are....

1)    Hannah -  Dainty and Ivory
2)    Amy - The Powdered Nose 
3)    Tiffany - Tiffany’s Beauty Box 
4)    Sophie - The Bird Song
5)    Liz - My Pretty Obsessions
6)    Jenny - Beauty and the Biryani 
7)    Sarah -  Fresh Daisy Chains
8)    Kate -  Raspberry Cheeks 
9)    Hayley – Tea Party Beauty
10) Lauren – The Beau Bow 
11) Jemma – The Name of Beauty

And the 11 questions that I set are....

1)    Why did you decide to blog?
2)    Where is your favourite place to shop?
3)    Do you like to read and if so what is your favourite book?
4)    Handbags or shoes?
5)    Name one makeup product that you would recommend everyone tries?
6)    Where is your favourite place that you have visited?
7)    What is your favourite perfume?
8)    Which makeup product have you bought that you have been most disappointed by?
9)    If you could guarantee that you wouldn’t fail and you had unlimited funds what would you do?
10) If you could only have good hair or good makeup for the rest of your life which would you choose?
11) What’s the best present you have ever received?

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please go and check out Amalia’s blog as well as the blogs I have nominated as they are all fab :)

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Awh, thank you so much! I'll have to get writing my answers out and have a look at all the other blogs =)


  2. loved reading your answers! your westie is sooo cute...I would love to have a westie :)

  3. @Hannah. No Problem :) I look forward to reading more of your posts :) x

  4. @Amalia Corbett Aw thanks Amalia :) He's a bit too cute I think, he gets away with murder lol xx