NOTD Pink and Silver

Hi everyone,

I was given a lovely set on nail varnishes for Christmas by my mum but because I have been having gel manicures I haven’t really had the chance to use them an awful lot. I still wanted to get the gel as my nails are so weak from years of having acrylics on but I asked if I could have a pale colour so that I could paint over them and use my polishes.

I decided to go for the bright pink colour with a silver accent finger and I love them! The colours are so vibrant and I think they two shades go really nicely together.

Do you often have a gel manicure? Which nail polishes have you been using recently?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Love the pink! Such a gorgeous colour...I would defo purchase it,

    Katie x

  2. @Katie Albury I really love this colour and it made a nice change to the darker more wintery ones I have been wearing a lot over the last few months :)x