Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Perfume

Hi guys,

It's been difficult to blog this week as not only has work been absolutely manic leaving me shattered every night, but my laptop has broken! :( It has been sent off for repair so in the meantime I'm having to use my iPad and try and get a quick min on my boyfriend’s laptop when he's not using it. Hopefully mine will be returned quickly as I didn't realise just how much I use it until it went!

To get me back in the blogging mind frame I thought I would write a quick post about my favourite ever perfume, Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay. I have mentioned this perfume before but I sprayed some on a couple of mornings ago and thought, this perfume is just so lovely! I was given it by my boyfriend for Christmas and it just brings back such happy memories of being with family and friends at Christmas time. It's weird how a smell can evoke such strong memories and just make you feel generally happy! 

I'm terrible at describing scents so the best thing I can say is just go and smell it! You won't be disappointed :) If I had to give it a go though the two words I would use are fruity and luxurious and it really does smell like blackberries and bay. You know when scents are named, for example strawberry, but they smell nothing like it? Well this smells just like blackberries and bay to me.

So enough of my going on about how amazing this perfume is but I've just never come across one that I have loved so much!

Which are your favourite Jo Malone perfumes? Have you tried Blackberry and Bay?

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely weekend :) xx

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