Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser Review

Hi everyone,

My Lush addiction is certainly showing no signs of slowing down and I have now ventured on from bath bombs into the world of Lush skincare. My skin seems to be having a bit of a nightmare at the moment and I have been suffering from quite a few breakouts but I don’t know what’s causing it. To try and combat them and help my skin I decided to try the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser as my mum is a huge fan of this product and has rebought it numerous times.

Angels on Bare Skin is made from 100% natural ingredients including kaolin to remove grease and dirt, lavender oil and rose absolute for a calming effect and ground almonds to help tone and brighten the skin. I thought this sounded like the perfect combination of ingredients for my skin at the moment and just what I need to help reduce the problems I have been having. The cleanser comes in a solid form so you need to mix it with water to create a paste in order to use it. I found this a bit strange at first as I have always used liquid cleansers in the past and it wasn’t something that I was used to. However, the product lathers up really nicely and you only need a small amount to cover your whole face.

At first I couldn’t really imagine that the Angels on Bare Skin would remove all my makeup but it does it with ease and leaves my skin feeling lovely and fresh. The ground almonds also act as an exfoliator and my face has never felt so soft from just using a cleanser before! As I have sensitive skin I was concerned that it may be slightly too harsh but it isn’t at all and is actually really gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation. The only thing I’m not massively keen on is the scent although it has grown on me a bit now I’ve been using it a while. I can’t quite place my finger on what the overriding smell is; there’s definitely some lavender in there but I usually like lavender scents and there’s another smell to it as well. I think I would probably describe it as a natural scent overall and just a general mix of the ingredients.

Overall I would highly recommend this cleanser and will definitely be repurchasing it again once I have run out! Have you tried Angels on Bare Skin? Which other Lush skincare products would you recommend?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. I really need to try Lush facial product. I'm not too impressed by the bath bombs to be honest, I know many love it but it's just meh! for me.

    This sounds fantastic, will put it in my list.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. @Shireen L. Platt I really like how the skincare products contain a lot of natural ingredients and I've never had any problems with irritation with them. I would definitely recommend this cleanser :) xx