Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

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I have been eyeing up this lip scrub from Lush for a while as I tend to get really dry lips and wanted a product that would get rid of dry skin and keep my lips soft. I had heard a lot of good things about this lip scrub so the last time I was in Lush I decided I would give it a try.

I really wanted the bubblegum flavoured one but they were out of stock so I went for the popcorn one after being advised by the assistant that the coconut and jojoba oil ingredients meant that this was the most moisturising out of the three flavours. I have used the scrub a few times now and I have to say I am really impressed. My lips were left feeling smooth and soft after use which lasted a good few days and my lipstick looked so much better without the dry, flaky patches! I really liked the taste which was salty and sweet at the same time and the scrub is edible too. I was advised to put lip balm on straight after using the scrub as it can be a bit drying if you use it regularly on its own and I think this has definitely helped keep my lips extra soft.

The only downsides to the Lush Lip Scrub are that it is a bit pricey for what it is (£5.25 for 25g) and I did find it a little dry which made it difficult to use without dropping bits all over the place. My lips were a bit red and plumped up after use but this is only to be expected with this kind of exfoliating product.

Overall I really like this lip scrub and would definitely purchase it again. I love wearing lipstick but hadn’t be able to wear it as much as it stuck to the dry patches on my lips and just looked messy. However, since using the Lush Lip Scrub I have had lovely smooth lips and have been able to experiment with my bright lipsticks again :)

The popcorn lip scrub is a limited edition one for this Christmas but they still had loads left at the Lush near me so hopefully you would still be able to get hold of it. If not I’m sure the other options will work just as well but will just have a different flavour. The sales assistant also told me that Lush have reformulated their lip balms so that they don't dry up as quickly and are easier to apply and they will be available in February. I am looking forward to trying these out and they will definitely be the next product on my Lush wish list!

Have any of you guys tried the Lush Lip Scrub and what did you think? Which other Lush products would you recommend?

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