Avon ColourTrend Lip Stix

Hi everyone,

I have been getting a few bits and bobs from Avon recently and one of the products I ordered from the last brochure was the new ColourTrend Lip Stix.

As you can see from the photo, these are lipsticks that come in a handy pencil form which is really easy to use and makes them great for throwing in your handbag when you are on the go. There are five different shades to choose from in this range which are Gone Pink, Reddy to Go, Think Fast Pink, Nude Flash and Coral You Later, all of which are lovely bright colours that will be perfect for summer. I bought mine on offer for £1.99 each in the last Avon catalogue but they will normally be priced at £4.50.

After quite a bit of deliberation, I decided to go for the Gone Pink shade which is a baby pink colour and the Coral You Later which is quite a bright red/coral. I like both shades although I did find that I prefer them with a bit of gloss added on top to give them that extra shine. The Lip Stix are highly pigmented and I found that they last really well throughout the day so you don’t have to keep topping them up all the time which is always a bonus! Like I mentioned above though, they are really handy for keeping in your handbag when you are out and about too.

I think one of the things I disliked about this product is that it is non-retractable so you have to be careful not to twist too much product up as you can’t twist it back down again. I learnt this the hard way when I just presumed you would be able to twist it back and ended up with smushed lipstick in the lid! Also, although they have cream based formula, I did find them to be quite drying and they highlighted any dry patches on the lips too so I would only use these Lip Stix when my lips were quite well moisturised.

Overall, for the price I think the ColourTrend Lip Stix are quite good and I would probably buy another shade if they were on offer again. However, I don’t think I would pay the full £4.50 for one just because there are other lip products which I prefer and I would rather spend that money on instead.

Have any of you guys tried the Avon Lip Stix? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading :) xx


  1. I've not tried anything from Avon for a while now! Although I've been reading some reviews on their mascaras lately.

    The Colourstix look fab! I'd buy these if I saw them on offer, don't think i'd buy these full priced either!

    Great review lovely.



  2. Thank you :) I've bought a few bits and bobs from Avon recently; I've just ordered a nail art pen which looks really good so I'm looking forward to trying that out. I definitely think the Lip Stix are good when they are on offer but like you say, not worth it otherwise. xx