Sleek Famingo Blusher Review

Hi everyone,

I have built up quite a collection of blushers recently and have been trying not to buy anymore but I have heard so many good things about the Sleek blushers that I couldn't resist picking one up. 

After much deliberation in Superdrug I eventually decided to go for the Flamingo shade which is a very bright, hot pink colour with a matte finish. I really love the shade but you do have to be careful and make sure you apply it sparingly; it is highly pigmented and therefore it's very easy to go overboard. I have fairly pale skin so I only need a tiny amount to add a flush of colour to my cheeks, too much just makes me look like I have got a bit sunburnt! The blush has great staying power and is easy to blend which is especially handy with it being so bright! 

My only negative is that I find the packaging really difficult to open! I don't know if this is just me being useless but I find I'm messing about for ages before it eventually just pings open. If there is a knack to it please let me know as I feel like I am going wrong somewhere at the minute!

So overall I really love the Sleek blusher and will definitely be picking up another one. At £4.49 each they're not badly priced and there are loads of shades to choose from if you don't fancy something as bright as Flamingo.

Have any of you guys tried the Sleek blushers? Which shades would you recommend?

Thanks for reading :) xx


  1. I have this one too, I got it in a Glossybox, I haven't been brave enough to wear it yet :)

    Hayley -


  2. I found it hard to open too. At first I was just wrecking my nails, but you can also wedge a pen in and open it.

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle
    Bree :)

  3. This is a great review! Sleek are generally good anyways, but this really puts things into perspective!

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    Keep up the good work!


  4. @Hayley Walker I'd give it a go! It looks much scarier in the pan but if you use it sparingly it's really nice :) x

  5. @Bree I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) I'll give it a try with a pen cos it's broken my nails too, I've just had my acrylics off so they're really weak! x

  6. @Filomena Kaguako Thank you :) I would really recommend the Sleek blushers after trying them. I might go for a paler colour next time :) x