MAC Angel Lipstick

Hi everyone!

I recently rediscovered a lipstick which I used to wear non-stop but then for some reason it got pushed to the back of the drawer and newer ones took its place. After some digging about in my makeup drawers however, I came across Angel from MAC and have fallen back in love with it.

This was the first MAC lipstick that I ever bought and I was drawn to the lovely pale, rose pink shade. I think the colour really suits my pale skin tone but I imagine it’s one of those lipsticks that will look good on everyone. It has quite a smooth and creamy texture and you can build the colour up as it does start out quite sheer. The staying power is good, although not the best I’ve come across, but on the plus side it doesn’t dry out my lips too much.

I think this is such a wearable lipstick and is a great one for every day. I don’t tend to get through lipsticks very often but as you can see from the photo I’m nearly at the end of this one. It is definitely one I will be buying again though when it runs out as it is my go to lipstick at the moment!

Have any of you guys tried Angel from MAC? What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Thanks for reading :) xx

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