British Blogger Seletion

Hi everyone,

I’m so happy because I have actually got a whole weekend off work for once and can join in the Friday feeling. I’m hoping to get quite a bit of blogging done so stay tuned for new posts over the next couple of days as well :)

Join #BritishBloggerSelection

So on to today’s post... I recently saw a post on Ellie’s Little Vintage Camera blog about something called the British Blogger Selection. The only criteria for joining the group is that you are British but it doesn’t matter what your blog is about, whether it be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, baking, any kind of blogger can join in. The idea is that each Saturday Ellie will send out a theme for everyone to blog about and you can choose to write whatever you like based on that theme.

If you want to join in then all you have to do is contact Ellie with your first and last name, blog name and blog URL and from there you will be added to the group.

I think it’s a fantastic idea and will help me find other new blogs to read and hopefully get to know some other bloggers too :) I can’t wait to get started with tomorrow’s theme!

Thanks for reading :) xx


  1. British Blogger sounds like such a good idea, I look forward to reading your posts :) xxx


  2. @Sarah-Jane Dale Thank you :) I'm really looking forward to taking part! xx