Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturiser

Hi guys,

As I’m sure you all know when you are away on holiday, or even if we get a rare bit of sunshine at home in England, it is essential to have a good moisturiser to prevent your skin from drying out and your tan from peeling. There are so many gorgeous body butters out there that I had never really thought of trying the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser until my mum recommended it to me a few weeks ago.

I think what really appeals to me about this moisturiser is how quick and easy it is to apply. I have to admit that I am rather lazy when it comes to applying moisturisers or body butters, especially if they take forever to dry and leave you feeling really sticky. This product definitely lives up to its name as you literally have to spray it on, give it a quick rub in and it is dry within seconds meaning that you are able to get dressed straight away without it getting all over your clothes.

There are three difference options available: Essential Moisture with pure oat extract, Cocoa Radiant and Aloe Fresh and they are £4.99 each at Boots. So far I have tried the pure oat one and Cocoa Radiant which is my favourite. To me the oat one didn’t really have a scent but the Cocoa one smells like a mixture of cocoa butter and coconut which is perfect for summer. Both left my skin feeling really lovely and soft and hydrated my skin really well. They were put to the test when I was on holiday in Malta a few weeks ago and my shoulders and chest got so burnt. I applied this moisturiser every morning and night and thankfully it didn’t dry out too much or peel badly which I was surprised about.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Vaseline in the past but I was pleasantly surprised by the Spray and Go and I’ll 100% be buying them again.

Have you tried the Vaseline Spray and Go? What did you think?

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  1. Lovely post, i really want to try these, they sound amazing :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. @jasmine turner Thank you :) I really like them and they are so quick and easy to use! x