28 x eBay Blusher Palette Review and Swatches

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen quite a few people recently with palettes that they have bought on eBay which got me to mooching around the beauty buys available on there as well. There are quite a lot of branded products that you can buy but having been a victim of fakes in the past (I ended up with a fake Benefit Dandelion Box-O-Powder and fake That Gal primer) I wanted to steer clear of anything like that again.

I was unsure for ages whether to go for it or not, contemplating whether the quality would be terrible or the products made from dodgy chemicals! However, in the end I went for a 28 blusher palette that cost £7.59 with free delivery. Although I was really sceptical about the quality, I thought for the price it was worth a try and if they didn’t turn out to be any good, well, I guess that’s lesson learnt!

Row one left to right
Row 2 left to right
Row three left to right
Row 4 left to right

The packaging is a simple black palette which is quite cheap and flimsy and a couple of blushers have come loose and have a tendency to fall out when I open it. For the price though I wasn’t expecting anything amazing and cheap packaging isn’t a major issue for me.

 The blushers themselves are quite powdery and you can tell they aren’t great quality right off the bat. Having said that they do blend OK and the colour payoff isn’t bad; once you’ve added a bit of highlighter they look pretty decent. They don’t come out as bright as they look in the pan but for me that’s a positive as you can build them up for a deeper colour. There are 22 matte shades and 6 shimmers and I like the majority of them, it’s probably just the yellow toned and the paler ones that I won’t use as these really won’t suit me but the others are all lovely.

Overall, I won’t be buying anymore eBay palettes like this in a hurry but they are OK for trying out a bunch of shades or for playing around with your makeup look.

Have you bought any beauty products from eBay? I’d love to hear about any hidden gems or bargain buys you guys have found!

Thanks for reading xx

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