Benefit Brow Zings Review

Hi everyone,

To follow on from my last post where I spoke about the Benefit Brow Bar, I thought my next post should be a review of the Benefit Brow Zings which is what I have been using to fill in my brows recently. 

Obviously when I got my brows waxed I was talked into buying the Brow Zings as I'm a sucker for any new products that I can try and any marketing spiel always works ridiculously well on me! Brow Zings contains a wax, powder, mini angled brush, mini shader brush and mini tweezers all for £24.50. To use it I press each side the angled brush into the wax and then do the same in the powder. If I'm going for a particularly strong brow that day I'll repeat. Then I just use the angled brush to get the shape before using the shader brush to fill in the rest of the brow.

I found the set so easy to use and my brows looked really natural but well groomed and I was able to get a perfect shape using a mixture of the wax and powder together. I chose the light shade (there is also medium and dark shades available) and the colours really suited me well and didn't look too over the top. I have some pretty long days at work which my makeup has to contend with but the Brow Zings had no trouble keeping up and my eyebrows always stay looking perfect until the end of the day.

This is one product I thought I didn't need and for years I have been using a simple Rimmel brow pencil but now I can't imagine being without it. I definitely think it's worth the investment and I have been told the palette will last me around two years so I can't complain if that's true.

Have you tried the Benefit Brow Zings? Which other brow products would you recommend?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. Glad this worked so well for you! Your brows really look great :)


  2. @Jen27 Thank you :) I thought I was going to find it difficult to use but it's actually not too bad at all xx