NOTD Essie Angel Food and Sparkle on Top

Hi everyone,

Today I have another NOTD from my New York haul. I will stop going on about New York soon, I promise, but I bought so many beauty products whilst I was over there that I don’t need to buy any for a while and have quite a few to review.

Angel Food is a lovely, very pale pink shade that is almost like an off white. I have been after a nail polish like this for a while now as I think it looks really pretty and classy and I didn’t have one in my collection. Once you have applied it, this polish can look fab but I warn you it is really difficult to get right. I have found that it’s best to apply each coat really thinly as it can easily go streaky and end up just looking a complete mess. If you’re patient though and make sure you wait for each coat to dry before applying the next it can look really pretty.

On the accent finger I have used Essie Sparkle on Top which contains little pieces of foil like glitter for an added dimension. I just used one coat of this but tried to spread the foil pieces around as best I could to make sure it looked even.

Do you like this nail polish combo? Have you used either of these polishes before?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. I have been digging the white nails trend but white looks weird against my tan skin so Angel Food looks like a great substitute! I love the combo, looks really good on you and I must say your nails are perfect!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. @Shireen L. Platt Aw thank you but I do have to admit they're not my own nails as I get acrylic ones. I don't think I suit white nails either which is why I really like this polish as a slight variation on it :) x