Obey Your Body Radiance Repair Peeling Gel Review

Hi everyone,

I’m an absolute sucker for any sort of marketing ploy so when I discovered a beauty and fashion section at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester, there was no way I would be leaving empty handed. The first product that caught my eye was the Obey Your Body Radiance Repair Peeling Gel. The gel is meant to provide your skin with a deep cleanse as well as gently exfoliate and promote skin renewal. It contains Dead Sea minerals and herbs and claims to be for all skin types, including those that suffer with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and severe acne.

I very rarely write completely negative reviews and always try to look for a positive aspect to a product but right off the bat I didn’t like this gel at all. Firstly I was told the 50ml bottle would last me a year and although I can’t say for sure after only using it for a couple of weeks, I really can’t see that it would last that long. Compared to other skincare products that I use regularly, you need quite a lot of the gel to cover your entire face and even then for me it never really gets going. Once you have rubbed it in, little balls of supposedly dead skin appear but I really just think this is the product gathering up rather than skin actually peeling off. I also found it really difficult to remove these little clumps of product / dead skin and they seemed to stick in some areas of my face which took a round of Clinique Foaming Cleanser to get off.

Once I had finally removed all the gel from my skin I took a look in the mirror and was shocked to see a bright red patch emerging on one of my cheeks where I had had particular trouble with the product sticking. I do have really sensitive skin but very rarely have a reaction as bad as this from a skincare product. This was after the first time I had used it and I have since tried it a few more times where the redness hasn’t been nearly as bad. However, this initial reaction has put me off using it more long term.

If I can draw one positive from this product it would be that my skin does actually feel very soft after use and this lasts for around three days. It was recommended that I use the gel twice a week but after my experience so far I think it’s safe to say I won’t be sticking with it.

The sales person at the show told me this peeling gel would normally retail for around £70 but that day it was on offer for £20. I have looked online and seen it mostly available for £32 - £35 which I still think is vastly overpriced.

Overall I have had a very negative experience with the Obey Your Body Peeling Gel and I certainly won’t be finishing this bottle let alone buying it again. I have read mixed reviews online with some saying it is a wonder product while others have had less of a positive experience. For me it is a product I massively regret buying but I have learned a valuable lesson and won’t be buying skincare products on a whim like this again.

Have you tried anything from Obey Your Body? If you have I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment below :)

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. Eek! That is freaking pricey! I have a similar product from THEFACESHOP but it actually works and I need very little each time. This sounds like a complete failure and yes, definitely way overpriced. I've shared this post on G+ hoping to warn others to stay away. Thank you for the honest review, Hannah!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. @Shireen L. Platt Thanks Shireen :) This product was just a total disaster for me and I'm so annoyed that I spent money on it! At least I didn't pay the full £70 though! :) x

  3. Hey,
    They also told me that the product is usually 70 euro but i'm lucky to get it for a special price of 35 euros. It was one of them stands you find in the mall. I used it immediately, noticing the big occurence of the "peeled off" skin. At home i was also wondering if it is really the skin or some tricky ingredient in the product. So i used it on neutral, cleaned surface like plastic and didnt notice the same peeled off leftovers. I realized my skin was much softer after this for a few days, eyactly as Hannah wrote. I also have noticed that the peel off efect is different from section to section in the face. There are parts of my face where neal nothing comes off, as if there isnt as much hypercornification as on others. I noticed that These parts are also the one where i often have clogged pores and spots.
    When i use it regularly, than the perling effect isnt as strong as at the beginning, or after a long break of not using it.
    I didnt get any allergisch reaction, but my skin is fine with many things. Well, its hard to say if this product is good or not, but i think it is Too expensive. And i think everyone should try before using it. Thx, jen

  4. I looooove this product.

    As first i thought its expensive too, but after seeing (and feeling) the results i won't use
    any other peeling :)

    I order it directly through WWW.KISSMETIC.COM and it arrives within 3-4 days !

    Great product, highly recommended !