My Christmas Day Routine

Hi everyone,

When it comes to reading Christmas related blog posts, some of my favourites are always Christmas Day routines. I just find it interesting to get a sneak peek into other people’s festive celebrations and how they compare to mine. I haven’t written a post like this before so I thought with Christmas Eve being just over a week away, I would give it a go.

My celebrations have changed over the last few years as I moved in with my boyfriend and also my mum and dad split up so now there’s more people to get round at Christmas. I usually wake up quite early, around 7am, as I want to make the most of the day and make it seem as long as possible! I don’t think I’ll ever understand those of you that like a lie in (Tom I’m looking at you), it’s Christmas!!! Once I have finally managed to wake my boyfriend up, we will then swap presents in bed and have a lazy start to the morning. When all the presents are open it’s time to get up, have breakfast and get ready for the day. I usually like to do something a bit extra and more special with my makeup and outfit at Christmas so keep your eyes peeled as I have a Christmas Day makeup look post coming later in the week.

This year we will be visiting my dad later in the morning and swapping presents with him. As we aren’t having a Christmas dinner with my dad this year we have decided to go out for a meal between Christmas and New Year instead and have more of a celebration then.

For Christmas lunch we will be off to my boyfriend’s parents at around 1pm. This is unusual for me as my family used to have Christmas dinner later in the day but I'm getting used to doing it this way round. They always make it really nice and all his family including his sister and her boyfriend as well as his grandparents come round and join in the festivities.

After spending the afternoon with my boyfriend’s parents, this year we are heading off to my mum's house and she is putting on a buffet tea. It really isn’t Christmas without one of my mum's party teas and I love being able to pick at bit and bobs and just have a nibble after a huge lunch. In past years we have had another whole Christmas dinner with my family but I’m glad we aren’t doing that this year as it just gets a bit too much. I know Christmas is all about the eating but you can definitely over do it!

And that’s it for our Christmas Day! It can be quite hectic trying to make sure we get round everyone but it’s nice to spend time with family and friends and make sure everyone enjoys their day.

If you have a Christmas Day routine post please leave your links below as I would love to head over and have a read :)  I hope you’re all enjoying the festivities and have a lovely Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. I love waking up early on Christmas, I can't wait to tear into my gifts and I'm almost 40! LOL! I think Christmas brings out the child in us and there's nothing wrong with that. Wishing you a very lovely Christmas, Hannah!

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  2. @Shireen L. Platt Thank you Shireen :) Wishing you a very merry Christmas too and a wonderful New Year x