NOTD Tanya Burr Frosting Cupcakes

Hi everyone,

Pastel shades are my favourite for this time of year so when I saw Tanya Burr’s Frosting Cupcakes nail polish I just had to have it.

This shade is a really cute pale, milky pink colour which is just so pretty and girly. It’s the perfect spring / summer shade and I was really pleased with how it looked when I first put it on. The only thing with this type of milky, pastel nail polish is that I find them really difficult to apply. It’s so easy for them to look streaky but I think the key is to start off with thin layers and build the colour up. I have applied three layers here to get the look that I want which I think is better than going straight in with a brush full of polish.

The other negative to this polish is that I found it chipped quite easily. I had only had it on for a few hours when I noticed the first signs of it wearing and a couple of chips. I had been using my hands quite a lot cleaning the rabbit hutch out and making sure the house was tidy ready for friends coming over but having acrylic nails usually means polish lasts longer. I was really disappointed to see my manicure looking worse for wear after only one day and with this type of pastel pink I think it is really noticeable and can quickly look messy.

Overall I love the colour of this nail polish but I was disappointed with how it wears, especially as you have to take a little more time and care when applying it.

What do you think of this nail polish? Which are your favourite polishes for spring and summer?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. This is an amazing color for me, I hardly ever wear anything else than whites. It's a shame it started chipping only after a few hours.
    It still looks pretty tho for the time being ;) x

    1. It's definitely a really pretty colour to start with. I have just reapplied it again and added a glitter top coat which looks quite nice as well :) x

  2. I love the colour too, but I tried Duvet Day from Tanya Burr and also had the same problem with chipping. It does look like a very pretty pastel pink though :) x

    1. It's such a shame about the chipping as it really puts me off a nail polish. I just don't have time to keep repainting them but I might try it with a gel top coat and that should help :) x