Maybelline Colour Sensational Blushed Nudes Lipstick Review

Hi everyone,

I wasn’t looking for a new lipstick as I don’t really need any more and should start using up the ones that I have but who can resist a buy one get one half price offer?! I saw the Maybelline Colour Sensational Blushed Nudes collection on what was meant to be a quick trip into Boots to pick up some essentials but as always something I didn’t need made its way into my basket.

I had to be quick when choosing the colours I wanted as my boyfriend was with me and he gets antsy after about 5 seconds in any beauty stores. I was immediately drawn to the shades Pink Fling and Fairly Bare though as they are both my type of go to lipsticks and are great for every day wear. There are four colours to choose from in the range with Pink Fling being a lovely darker, rose pink shade and Fairly Bare is the palest option and more of a girly pink.

Pink Fling
Fairly Bare

Top is Pink Fling and bottom Fairly Bare
The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks is how creamy and smooth they feel. They are so soft and comfortable to wear and I found them to be quite moisturising which is something I really could do with in a lipstick and the main reason I steer clear of matte options. Honey nectar has been added to the formula which is probably what helps give them this feel and is a welcome addition for me. 

I found Pink Fling to be more pigmented than Fairly Bare which has a much more sheer finish but I do like both for different looks and occasions. Considering their creamy texture I was surprised by their staying power too, although it is better with Pink Fling. The lipstick lasted all morning before I had to touch it up after eating and drinking at lunch which is great as I don’t get time at work for checking my makeup much during the day and need something that is going to last.

For me these lipsticks tick all the right boxes: they last, they feel smooth and creamy, they don’t dry out the lips and the colours are so pretty, what more could you want?! I will definitely look at buying the other two colours in the collection whilst the buy one get one half price offer is still on at Boots as I have already been using the two I have so much.

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from this range? Which are your go to every day lipsticks?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. These shades are so beautiful!


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  2. Their smooth and creamy textures sounds ideal - there's nothing worse than flaky shades! Speaking of shades, both of these are really beautiful and so feminine :)

  3. Definitely, I love a lipstick that's comfortable to wear otherwise I don't tend to bother with it x