The Debenhams Fashion Show

Hi everyone!
It feels like I have not blogged in ages but it has actually only been a week or two. I have been ill with a throat infection so haven’t been able to write any posts but hopefully I will be able to get back on track again now I’m better :)
Before I was ill I was asked to model in a fashion show at my nearest Debenhams as they have just renovated and modernised the entire store and were having a launch to celebrate. I was a bit reluctant at first as I’m not one for being centre of attention and I just couldn’t see myself strutting down a catwalk. However, after being bribed with a goody bag and the ability to help choose my outfits, I finally agreed and I have to say I quite enjoyed it in the end!
Me getting my makeup done
 I arrived at the store a couple of hours before the show to get my hair and makeup done and to have a quick run through the proceedings. Firstly, I was taken over to get my hair done and was slightly worried when they told me they were going to make it into a huge beehive up do, as it’s just not a style which I have really worn before. I also didn’t have a mirror so couldn’t see what the hairdresser was doing and the confused looks from passersby only added to my nerves. However, the finished look was really nice and although it was a lot more bouffant than I normally go for, I had a lot of compliments from people throughout the night. Next it was time for makeup and I was pleased when I was ushered over to the Dior counter to have my makeup done by the lovely assistant there who did a fantastic job of making me look catwalk ready!
My Mum having her makeup done on YSL
I had three looks for the show; a day outfit, a night out look and a ball outfit. For the day look I wore pale pink skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge teamed with a white embroidered top from Warehouse and a white cami underneath. The look was finished off with a pair of lilac spotty flipflops from Faith (which I couldn’t resist buying later). For the night out look I wore a blue dress from Miss Selfridge with some absolutely gorgeous gold peep toe shoes from Lipsy which I wanted to buy so badly but just couldn’t justify the £75 price tag. Finally for my black tie / ball outfit I wore a coral maxi dress from Coast with the gold Lipsy shoes.

Instead of a catwalk we all went down the escalator one by one, posed at the bottom and went back up the escalator at the other side before dashing to change into our next outfits. It was quite a challenge getting on and off the escalator in the Coast dress as I didn’t want it to get caught and the shoes were so high I was scared I was going to topple over. Thankfully though I managed to get through the show without a hitch and I ended up actually really enjoying myself.

Sophia, the Personal Shopper who organised the whole event, did a really good job of picking everyone’s outfits and all the models looked amazing. My mum loved the red and blue dresses she wore and ended up buying the blue one by Julian Macdonald. I was a bit nervous about taking part at first but actually ended up really enjoying myself and having a good laugh and I would recommend it to anyone if you get the chance to give something similar a go.

My hair from  the back
I hope you all enjoyed reading about my fashion show experience :) I have put the links below to all the items I was wearing in case you guys would like to have a look.
Have any of you taken part in a fashion show? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear your stories if anyone has been involved in any fashion shows of any kind :)
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  1. Don't know why you were reluctant, you look great!! (and your mum does too!) Jenny G xx

  2. Aw thank you :) It's just scary having all eyes on you but I actually had fun in the end xx

  3. You look lovely! :) I love your hair!

    Becky xxx

  4. Thank you Becky :) It's a very different look for me but I really liked it in the end xx