Happy Birthday Glossybox!

Hi everyone :)
I know a lot of people have been writing reviews on the beauty boxes recently but I do like to see what everyone else got and last time some people commented that I had different products to them, so I thought I’d share what I got with you guys anyway. I was really looking forward to receiving this month’s edition of Glossybox as they have just reached their one year anniversary and I was hoping for an extra special box to celebrate. 
So here are the products that I received this month and what I thought of them.....
Apivita Express Beauty with Cucumber Face Mask
 I haven’t used these face masks as yet but I love a nice face mask so I am looking forward to trying them out. I have heard quite a lot about the Apivita products but haven’t used any before so I was quite pleased to see this mask in my Glossybox this month. I will let you guys know how they are when I’ve put them to the test!
Berber Oil Hair Treatment
 As you may have seen from past posts I am quite a fan of Moroccan Oil but have often thought of giving another similar product a try as well. Therefore, I was really pleased to see the Berber Oil in my Glossybox and I think this may be my favourite item that I received this time. My hair was left feeling silky and soft after using this treatment and I would definitely consider buying it once my Moroccan Oil has run out.
Noble Isle Bath and Shower Gel
 In the three boxes I have received since subscribing to Glossybox, I have been sent a shower gel and for that reason I was a bit disappointed to find another one in this month’s box. I am also not too keen on the smell of this one from Noble Isle and don’t think it really reminds me of summer as it says it should on the bottle. Overall, I didn’t think this was a great product but will still use it so it’s not a wasted item.
Lolita Lempicka Perfume Samples
 Similarly with the shower gel I have also received a perfume sample in every box that I have subscribed to. I don’t really like perfume samples either as you can usually test the perfumes out in the shops and I just feel like there are other types of samples which I would much rather receive. I also found these perfumes to be quite unusual and neither of them are a fragrance which I would wear unfortunately.
Eldora False Eyelashes
 I do often wear false eyelashes on a night out but I prefer them to be quite natural looking so these diamante ones from Eldora are a bit on the glitzy side for me. I will probably get some wear out of them on a fancy dress night or when I’m after something a bit more glam but I wouldn’t have chosen them myself.
Glossybox Mirror
I thought the Glossybox mirror and birthday balloon were a really nice touch for the one year birthday box but sadly my mirror was broken when it arrived L I understand this isn’t really Glossybox’s fault as these things can happen when more delicate items are sent in the post. Glossybox have asked me to email them the details so I will hopefully get a new one in replacement.
Overall I have to say I wasn’t very impressed with this month’s Glossybox. Maybe I had built it up thinking this edition would be extra special to celebrate Glossybox being around for one year but unfortunately there are just too many products in this box that I wouldn’t use. I am also getting a bit bored of trying the same type of products, for example perfume and shower gel, and was hoping for something a bit different this time around. I am now thinking of cancelling my subscription to Glossybox and trying a different beauty box instead. I’d love to know which beauty boxes you would recommend :)
What products did you guys receive this month? Do you think Glossybox is one of the better beauty boxes or are there others you prefer?
Thanks for reading :)

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