Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

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I bought this mascara a while ago from Avon and I was immediately drawn to it as it was something totally new that promised to revolutionise the mascara world. It has a completely different wand to any mascara that I have ever come across that is meant to ‘provide panoramic volume and corner to corner coverage’.

I really wanted to like this mascara and loved that someone was trying something new but I’m afraid it just isn’t for me. I found the paint brush style applicator difficult to work with and as it’s so small it was quite fiddly to apply the mascara. I thought this was maybe because I’m just used to the traditional wand so I persevered for quite a while but I just couldn’t get to grips with it. I also didn’t think that it did much for my lashes in the way that other mascaras have. It didn’t provide anywhere near enough length or volume for me and I felt that my lashes actually looked quite spidery in the end.

On the plus side it didn’t smudge at all during the day and the small packaging means that it’s good for traveling and when you’re on the go. Other than that, for me there aren’t any advantages to using this type of mascara over any other out there and I much prefer the traditional style wand. However, I don’t think all the problems with this product lie with the applicator as I wasn’t a fan of the formula and don’t think it did anything for my lashes.

Without mascara

With two coats of mascara

I’m disappointed that I didn’t enjoy using this product more but I do think it’s great that Avon have gone against the norm and tried something new. I also think this may be a love or hate product so some people out there might really like it but I'm just not one of them unfortunately.

Have any of you tried the Avon Mega Lash Mascara? What did you think of it?

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