Sabon Rose Tea Body Scrub

Hi guys,

So it is quite a long story of how I came to own this product and a bit of a goose chase but I’m so glad I got there in the end. Basically, whilst I was in Paris last year I came across this really cute little shop that was selling some amazing body scrubs by a company called Sabon. I wish I had taken a photo of the shop now as it was so lovely and had a beautiful little fountain in the middle where you could test the products and wash them off afterwards. I was most impressed by the body scrubs which they had but they were quite expensive so I came away without buying anything.

When I got home I regretted not buying the scrub and looked everywhere but couldn’t find Sabon in the UK. Then a few days ago my boyfriend came home with a parcel which he said was for me. When I looked inside it was one of the Sabon body scrubs that I had wanted! He had tracked them down on eBay and bought one for me as a surprise.

Made from sea salts with macadamia, almond and soya bean oils, the scrub gets rid of any dry patches and makes your skin feel super soft; my skin really hasn’t ever felt softer! My boyfriend picked the Rose Tea scent for me which is really floral and girly and I just love it. As you can probably see from the photographs there is a quite a bit of liquid in the scrub. I think this is the oiliest one I’ve ever come across which did concern me a little at first but it really seems to help give your skin that added extra bit of moisture and make it feel even softer.

At $33 on the Sabon website, this isn’t a cheap body scrub but I think it is worth the extra bit it costs. This is a real pamper product and it feels so lovely and luxurious to use. I’m not sure I’ll find any other body scrubs that will live up to this one and it is definitely one of my all-time favourite products.

Have you tried any Sabon products? What did you think?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. Love a good body scrub! And who can pass up such a lovely rose scent?

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. I've never heard of Sabon but this sounds lovely! I think it's always good to invest in a good quality body scrub like this :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. @Your Beauty Fix Definitely :) I love the scent of this one, it's really pretty and girly xx

  4. @emmerliejay I hadn't heard of Sabon either until I came across it in Paris but it's the best body scrub that I've ever tried :) x

  5. I'd love to try that but I'm not too sure how I can avail of one, especially that I'm here in the Philippines

  6. @Tess Termulo Maybe try online as that's where this one is from :) I would definitely recommend it xx