Jimmy Choo Perfume Review

Hi everyone,

There are so many perfumes on my wish list but I have to be honest, Jimmy Choo was never one that really sprang to mind. It just wasn’t one that was on my radar much, that I had really read anything about or that I had smelt in a store. That doesn’t mean to say that I wasn’t very pleasantly surprised when I received it this Christmas though as a lovely gift from my friend.

With top notes of pear nectar and Italian orange, this perfume has quite a fruity side to it but for me it is the tiger orchard at the heart and base notes of Indonesian Patchouli and toffee which come through the most. I’m someone that would usually go for more floral scents or something that is fresh and fruity so the Jimmy Choo fragrance is something a bit different for me. I find it quite strong and probably one that I would wear more in an evening as it has a woody / musky side to it which I wouldn’t usually pick for the day. Due to it being fairly strong, it does last on the skin a long time and I could still smell it when I got home from work which is a huge bonus.

For me, the bottle which a perfume comes in is also quite an important part of it. Although bad packaging wouldn’t stop me from buying a really nice perfume, good packaging could make all the difference and push me that extra step into really wanting a certain fragrance. I do really like the Jimmy Choo bottle and think the pink colouring adds a girly touch whist the overall design is still fairly simple and sophisticated. It’s not one that I am blown away by or that I would instantly want to put out on my dressing table but it’s still pretty.

Overall, this is quite a strong perfume and something a little different to what I would usually go for. I do really like it though and think it’s good to add something that’s a bit unusual to my collection.

Have you tried the Jimmy Choo perfume? What are your thoughts on it? Which other perfumes would you recommend?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. What a lovely gift to have received from your friend! I think sometimes super strong scents like this one can be brilliant for nights out, or for when you know you'll be out for many hours and need a scent that'll last on your skin :)

  2. @Gabrielle It was so lovely of her and completely unexpected! I totally agree about stronger perfumes being good for nights out and that's probably mostly what I'll use this one for :) x