Pink To Make The Boys Wink! - Favourite Pink Products

Hi everyone!

I was sorting through some of my makeup the other day and realised that I have recently been buying a lot of pink products! So in honour of my pink mood I thought I’d share with you guys a few of my favourite pink things :)

1.    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh – I love this perfume for the spring and summer! It’s such a flowery, girly scent and the bottle is so cute too!

2.    MAC Pink Swoon Blusher – This blusher has been on my wish list for ages and I finally picked it up last week whilst I was shopping at the Trafford Centre. I’ll do a full review soon!

3.    Barry M Nail Varnishes in Rose Quartz Glitter and Dragon – I have soooo many pink nail varnishes but these are two that I got recently. I love Barry M varnishes, especially the glitters, and they are so cheap as well!

4.    Sephora Lipgloss in Miami Pink- This is my favourite ever lipgloss and I’m so sad that it has nearly run out. I wish Sephora would hurry up and come to the UK so I can get another one!

5.    MAC Lipstick in Impassioned – This was actually the first MAC lipstick that I bought and I love it so much. It’s such a gorgeous bright pink shade and another perfect product for summer.

6.    Rimmel Apocolips in Nova – There has been so much hype around these ‘lip lacqures’ and I have to say I have been using the Nova shade non-stop recently. I will have to get some of the other shades as I really like these.

So there you have my favourite pink products of the moment. Have any of you guys tried any of the products I have mentioned? Which are your favourite pink products?

Thanks for reading :) xx


  1. Rose Quartz Glitter polish looks beautiful! I've recently got the Apocolips in Nova and love it xx

  2. what a fantastic idea for a post!! great idea :)

    Mad Hatters Nail Party

  3. @Jordan Alice Rose Quartz in so pretty, I love all the Barry M glitter polishes :) x

  4. @Hayley Shorney thank you :) I was just looking through my new makeup and realised there was so much pink! I must be going through a pink phase at the moment! :) x

  5. Lovely post! My mum used to say pink to make the boys wink, it gave me a smile :-)
    My favourite pink polish is OPI Mod About You x x x

  6. @MASPOOASE I got the phrase 'pink to make the boys wink' from my mum and gran too :) I'll have to try Mod About You, it looks like a lovely shade! x

  7. that blusher looks gorgeous i've got a mac blusher and i swear by it!


  8. @Louisa Davies I really love this blusher, it's such a lovely, girly colour! There's a few more MAC blushers on my wish list now too :) x