Inecto Pure Coconut Hair Repair Treatment and Hair Serum Review

Hi everyone,

Years of straightening and bleaching my hair seem to have finally taken its toll and it is now very dry and has thinned quite a bit. I have been trying to grow it but without much success so I am in constant search of products that will help improve the condition of my hair.

A friend at work recommended these Inecto Pure Coconut products to me and I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first. It's not a product or brand I have heard of before and at only £1.49 they are definitely on the cheaper side. Not all cheap products are bad products though, as I learnt from Sudocrem Skin Care Cream, so I went ahead and gave them a try.

 All the Inecto hair products contain 100% pure coconut oil which is said to be one of the best natural moisturisers as it has a high moisture retention capacity. I have tried Argan Oil many times before and I love Moroccan Oil. However, Coconut Oil is a new one for me as I haven't tried any products like this before or heard much about them. I have to say I have been really impressed with both the hair treatment and the serum and they are definitely ones which I will be buying again!

 To use the hair repair treatment you simply apply to damp hair, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse. After use my hair felt so lovely and soft and it looked really shiny as well. I use the serum mostly on towel dried hair and then leave to dry. Again my hair feels so soft and it looks much healthier after using this product too. I have also applied it to the ends of my hair once it has dried to help define the curls a bit. It doesn't make it look greasy in the slightest, which I thought it might and it makes my hair feel lovely and silky. Both products smell absolutely delicious, although I feel like it’s more of a vanilla smell than coconut but that might just be me!

I would highly recommend the coconut products and for such a bargain price you can't really go wrong. I picked these up at the Bodycare shop and they also had a leave-in conditioner and shine spray which I think I’ll be trying out next!

Have any of you guys tried the coconut hair products? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading :) x


  1. I love coconut products because I love the smell so much reminds me of summer and holidays! Also think they are really moisturizing! :) x

  2. @Hannah S I love the smell too, it's so delicious! I've definitely noticed an improvement in the condition of my hair since using them as well :) x