Summer / Holiday Essential Products


As we are having such lovely weather at the minute and my summer holidays are fast approaching, I thought I would rustle up a quick post on my summer essential products :)

-          Revlon Pro You Texture Scrunch Curl Enhancer (£12)

As my hair is naturally curly, the slightest bit of humidity will send it into a massive frizz frenzy! There is no point in even trying to straighten it on holiday as it will start to go curly as soon as I step out the door and by the end of the night I’m left looking like I have been dragged through a bush backwards. I’m really not a fan of mousses and the wet look they give you so my hairdresser recommended the Revlon Pro You Texture Scrunch as a good alternative.  I really love this product as it defines my curly hair more whilst keeping the frizz at bay. It also looks really natural and doesn’t make your hair look wet or greasy at all. I would definitely recommend this for those of you that have curly hair and want to ditch the straighteners in the hot weather :)

-          Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner (£2.49)

I love this product for summer as it builds up into a really natural looking tan whilst moisturising the skin at the same time. The paler option didn’t work too much on me so I tried the darker one and my tan came out really nice and not orange in the slightest. It also fades really naturally and doesn’t come off in patches like some fake tans do.

-          Bourjois Bronzing Primer (£9.99)

I bought this primer a few weeks ago after a friend recommended it to me and I have never looked back since. The mousse-like texture means it blends in really well and adds a subtle, bronzed glow to your skin without looking too over the top. I have written a full review of this product here if you would like to read more about it :)

-          Benefit One Hot Minute (£23.50)

 As I have fairly pale skin, a lot of bronzers can be too dark for me and make me look quite orange. I was sold on this product when the assistant told me it would ‘give me an Eva Longoria glow’ (I know I’m a sucker for marketing) and it would make my tan look really natural. I have to say this product hasn’t disappointed and it’s one that I would buy again and again. Now I’m not saying it has transformed me into an Eva look-a-like, but I do think it gives me a natural, healthy looking glow and makes my skin look more radiant and bronzed.

-          Sinful Colours Nail Polishin 24/7 (£1.99)

I love the bright pink colour of this nail varnish and think it is lovely for summer. I have been using it non-stop and also mixing it up a bit by using the L’oreal Nail Confetti over the top as well. I have written a NOTD post on this polish here if you would like to take a look.

-          Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose (£2.25)

Finally, my favourite lip balm this summer has been the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose. I get really dry lips so it is essential for me to keep them moisturised and use a good lip balm regularly. I really like the Raspberry flavour of this lip butter and it leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated in no time!

So there you have my favourite products to use during the summer and on holiday. I think the main theme seems to be keeping my skin hydrated and bronzed from looking back at the products I have chosen! They are all ones which I would recommend and would buy time and time again.

Which products are you always reaching for in the summer or on holiday? Have you tried any of the ones I have mentioned?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. @Scottish Stef's Nails Thank you :) It is really bright but I think it's a fab colour for summer! x