Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

Hi everyone,

Before I went on holiday I was in Boots getting all the bits and bobs I needed for when I was away when this Colour Boost lip crayon from Bourjois caught my eye. I wasn’t supposed to be buying any makeup and I had already spent loads on products for my holiday so I decided to get this using the points I had saved up on my Boots card. I was a little annoyed with myself afterwards as I had been trying to save my points up to buy some perfume and this had taken quite a large chunk out of them as it was £7.99.

I’m so glad I got this lipstick though as I used it non-stop whilst I was away. I bought the Peach on the Beach shade which is a really nice peachy pink colour and was perfect for summer. The SPF15 it contains meant my lips were protected from the Turkish sun too as I know how painful sunburnt lips can be! I know we are now heading into autumn but I have still been using it loads to brighten up some of my wintery outfits and it’s good to have an SPF in your makeup all year round.

I really like the creamy texture this lip crayon has and it is so moisturising too. Having said that it still has great staying power and lasts for absolutely ages before you need to reapply which is unusual for a lipstick with such a creamy texture. Although it certainly doesn’t last the 10 hours Bourjois claim it does!  I’m glad that the lipstick is retractable as I have had ones in the past that once you have twisted up you can’t get back down again which is really annoying.

Overall I can’t think of any bad points to this product and I definitely want to get some of the other shades in the range. It was a fab product to take on holiday but I am still using it tons even though we are heading into the colder weather now.

Have any of you guys tried the Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayons? Which shade is your favourite?
Thanks for reading :) xx

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