Ditching the Straighteners! And Umberto Giannini Curl Friends

Hi everyone :)

Recently I have been trying really hard to improve the condition of my hair and get it looking healthier. Years of straightening and dying it have played a huge part in thinning my hair out and it just doesn't seem to want to grow at all either. So I have decided to put myself on a straightening ban until the condition of my hair improves and it grows!

I have been using the Milkshake Hair Treatment (£14.95) twice a week in order to keep my hair hydrated and also to help protect my colour so hopefully I won’t have to get it done as often. To use the treatment you simply apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse out. Once I'm out of the shower I have then been applying Moroccan Oil (£30ish) to the ends of my hair as this is where it is driest and the most damaged.

After I have applied some Moroccan Oil and brushed through I then get a small amount of the Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly (£4.79) and scrunch it into my hair and then leave it to dry naturally. I usually tie my hair up in bed but I’ve found that the curls stay a lot nicer if I leave my hair down whilst I’m asleep. When I wake up in the morning I simply spritz my hair with some of the Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Natural Styling spray which can be used on dry hair, scrunch again and go!

I have found a lot of products for curly hair leave it really crispy and wet looking but the Umberto Giannini products don’t do that unless you go overboard with them. They have been an absolute saviour to me whilst I’ve been having my hair curly and I would definitely recommend them :)

It has been really difficult for me to ditch the straighteners and I do still find myself reaching for them now and again. However, I was straightening my hair up to twice a day (I know I know it’s terrible!) and I’ve now cut down to just two or three times a week. I have seen an improvement in the condition of my hair since cutting back but I am now challenging myself to go two full weeks without straightening it all. On the positive side it is a lot quicker to do my hair in the morning now!

Have any of you guys been trying to ditch the straighteners? I’d love any tips on ways to style curly hair as well as I am fed up of just having it down!

Thanks for reading :) xx

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