Favourite Rediscovered Products

I have to admit that once I buy a new product I tend to use it to death and my other older products can get pushed to the back of the drawer and forgotten about. Recently I decided to make an effort to use a wider variety of products rather than sticking to the same tried and tested few and rooted out a ton of makeup from the depths of my drawers. These are my favourites that I have found and can't believe I ever forgot about them!

Benefit One Hot Minute £23.50 

 This powder bronzer gives a really nice subtle glow to the skin and makes it look really healthy and bright. It has a bit of shimmer to it but it’s not too over the top for day time and can be built up if you want something extra for a night out. The sales assistant told me it would give me an 'Eva Longoria glow' and my boyfriend said I was a sucker for marketing but I'm so glad I have rediscovered this product as it is definitely a firm favourite.

Urban Decay De Slick £19.50

I have a really oily t-zone and makeup tends to slide off my skin quite quickly during the day. This product has really come in handy recently and especially when I was on holiday and helps keep my makeup in place that bit longer.

Avon Nail Experts Quick Dry Spray £6.00

 I am a nightmare a staying still to let my nails dry and inevitably end up smudging them and making a mess. This spray feels slightly oily and you only need a tiny amount but it’s great for helping to dry your nails quickly when you're in a rush.

Benefit Posietint £24.50

I have tried both the Benetint and the Posietint but I think I like the paler pink colour of the Posietint the most. I like using it on both my lips and cheeks, although it can be quite drying on the lips. The nail polish style packaging is really cute but just be careful not to spill it all over the floor like I did!

Topshop Lipstick in Pillow Talk £8.00

I didn't really used to wear lipstick much and my collection was quite small but I have recently developed a bit of an obsession with buying them and I now have quite a few. Pillow Talk was one of the first ones I bought and I used to use it non-stop before it got forgotten about and replaced by newer ones. The colour is probably one if my all time favourites and the it has a lovely creamy consistency meaning that it's not drying in the slightest.

MAC Cream Base in Hush £15.00

I bought this product on my first ever trip to MAC a long time ago and I'm so glad I've rediscovered it. It gives a really nice pinky glow to the cheeks and is so easy to blend and looks really natural.

So that's it for my favourite rediscovered products and I'm so glad I decided to dig out some old favourites again. It's definitely worth having a root through your makeup as you might find some hidden gems that you can't believe you ever stopped using :)

Thanks for reading xx

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