Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve never really used body scrubs very much, even though I know I should! However, when I was in Paris I went into a tiny shop where they had the most amazing Dead Sea scrubs that you could try on your hands at a little water fountain. The scrubs were so amazing and my hands have never felt so soft but they were really pricey and I didn’t feel like I could justify splashing out on one. When I got home I decided it was time that I exfoliated my skin more so I picked up the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub when I was in Boots.

I was a bit surprised by the smell of the scrub at first because it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I think I thought it was going to be more of a sugary sweet smell and although it is very sweet, it is mostly lime that comes through. I’m not complaining though as this makes it feel and smell really fresh.

The scrub worked really well and left my skin feeling super soft. I would say to use this scrub when your skin is fairly dry as it did go quite watery when I used it in the shower which obviously reduced its scrubbing power. I have quite sensitive skin but I haven’t had any problems with this scrub causing any irritation at all.

For £8 you get a large 300ml tub which I think is a bargain and I have used this scrub a lot recently but still have loads left. I’d definitely recommend giving this product a try and I can see me buying it again once it has run out.

Have any of you guys tried the Soap & Glory body scrubs? Which other body scrubs would you recommend?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I love the smell of the Soap and Glory sugar crush stuff, I haven't tried the scrub though. I have their Breakfast Scrub and it smells heavenly and sweet :) I might have to get the sugar crush one next. Lovely post xxx


  2. @Sarah-Jane Dale Ooh I'll have to try the Breakfast Scrub next :) I think all the Soap & Glory products just smell delicious, I just wish I'd tried them sooner! x