Makeup Brush Wish List

Makeup Brush Wish List

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been building up my makeup brush collection and have so many more that are on my wish list. Instead of buying them all though and making my bank balance truly hate me, I decided to blog about them for now instead :)

What do you think of my makeup brush picks? Which are your favourite makeup brushes?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


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  2. Oooh I love the look of the zoeva brushes. I want to try the sigma f80? The flat top face brush anyway :D
    I suppose the MAC 217 but that's more for curiosity than a great lust for the brush! Lol

    Check out caribou brushes. So great to use and look lovely :)

    Bex x

  3. @Bubblybex3 I have the Sigma Mrs Bunny collection and do really like their brushes :) I'll definitely look into the Caribou ones, I haven't heard of them before but I'm always on the look out for new ones to try :) xx

  4. I hope to get y hands on Zoeva brushes too, they are getting very good reviews in the beauty world and I really want to test them for myself.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. @Shireen L. Platt I have heard such good things about them too and they look so pretty as well! :) xx