My Top 5 Perfumes

Hi everyone,

I have never been the type of person to stick to one perfume or have a signature scent. Like my mum for example who will always wear Clinique Happy and whenever I smell it, it just instantly reminds me of her. For me, I have always liked to try different ones and wear a perfume based on the mood or look I’m going for that day. I do like the idea of just staying with one scent that the people close to me would associate with me, but I don’t think I could pick just one and not get curious by others that are out there. Today I thought I would share with you my top 5 perfumes at the moment and the ones which I always end up wanting to go back to. My favourites change all the time but these ones always seem to stay up there with my most used as others come and go.

5) Daisy Eau So Fresh

For when I’m in a super girly, pink kind of mood, I like to reach for Daisy Eau So Fresh. As the name suggests it’s a floral fragrance with wild rose, violet and apple blossom at the heart. The top notes of raspberry, grapefruit and pear give it a fruity twist and the base notes of plum, cedarwood and musk for me give it a bit of depth and prevent it from being too sweet. I also really like the original Daisy perfume and to be honest you can’t really go wrong with any of the Marc Jacobs fragrances but Eau So Fresh just has the edge for me.

4) My Burberry

When I wear My Burberry I feel more sophisticated and put together than if I had gone for something like Daisy. The bottle has such a cute design and is based on the traditional Burberry trench coat with its little button top. I have written a full review of this perfume here if you would like to read more so I won’t go on too much about it but if you haven’t smelt it then you definitely should!

3) Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint

Jo Malone perfumes are my all-time favourites and I love that they are usually a bit different. White Jasmine is one of my favourite scents and mixed with the mint it creates a lovely crisp and fresh perfume which is unlike any others in my collection. This is a great one for summer and reminds me of a pretty summer garden or bunch of flowers!

2) Hugo Boss Femme

This is one of the very few perfumes that I have rebought and I’m now on my third bottle. The top notes consist of oxygen accord (whatever that it!), kumquat and spices while the heart is made up of turkish rose, vanilla and orchid. At the base there are notes of sandalwood, patchouli and musky notes. It’s strange how perfumes can evoke such strong memories and this one is really comforting for me as it reminds me of my mum’s house. When I was ill with labyrinthitis a few years ago my mum would help me wash my hair and then spray me with perfume as she said it would make me feel better and she always picked this one!

1)   Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay

This perfume had to be at the number one position and whenever I smell it, I’m instantly transported to Christmas. I was given it as a present by my boyfriend and at first was unsure that it would be my cup of tea. I was so wrong though and now this is my go to scent whenever I want to feel that little bit extra special. It’s a fruity fragrance but they bay and cedarwood notes give it a wintery feel and to me it just has a rich and classy feel to it.

I love perfumes and the way in which they can transport you to a time or place in an instant or remind you of a certain person. I also love switching it up according to my mood and adding new and unusual fragrances to my collection.

Which are your favourite perfumes? Do you prefer to stick to one signature scent or do you like to mix it up a bit depending on how you’re feeling?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. I really love the packaging of the daisy Marc Jacobs perfume, it's beautiful!


  2. It's so pretty isn't to?! :) definitely one worthy of a place on your dressing table x

  3. I have a few favourites but I'm still finding myself, if that makes sense. I went for Daisy too but recently Chloe love story has knocked it off the top spot :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. Ooh I really like the Chloe one, I don't have it but when I smelt it in the shop it was gorgeous :) x

  4. I really want a Jo Malone perfume but I can't justify the price. It's crazy pricey and it's been in my Christmas wish list since forever!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Aw you'll have to start dropping more hints haha. They are rather pricey but so nice so I can't help myself haha x

  5. I definitely agree with the Marc Jacobs perfumes. I've heard so much about the My Burberry and can't wait to try it, plus the bottle is adorable :) x

    1. I just smelt Daisy Dream today and that one is gorgeous too! I love My Burberry but my bottle has nearly run out, it's one I'll definitely need to get again though :) x

  6. The Daisy perfume is timeless. It smells so nice :)

    I haven't smelled that Blackberry Jo Malone and Bay scent and now I am super curious about it!

    1. If you see it definitely have a smell, it's so nice and I like that it's a bit different as well :) x