Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection - Makeup Brush Review

Hi everyone!

I was given the Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection for my birthday and so far I am loving my new makeup brushes. This kit contains twelve synthetic brushes from the Sigma Essential Kit and costs around £120. The kit includes:

- E05 Eye Liner
- E30 Pencil
- E40 Tapered Blending
- E55 Eye Shading
- E60 Larger Shader
- E65 Small Angle
- E70 Medium Angled Shading
- F30 Large Powder
- F40 Large Angled Contour
- F50 Duo Fibre
- F60 Foundation
- F70 Concealer

Firstly, I think they look fab as the colours are really nice and girly and they also come in a handy travel / brush holder. All the brushes in the kit are ones that I will use and I think they make a good starting set for anyone who is looking to build up a kit that is decent quality but not the most expensive out there.

The bristles are nice and soft and I found density of the brushes to be just right. I also like that they aren’t too heavy in weight but also not too light and the brushes pick up product nicely so that makeup goes on evenly for a flawless finish. I’ve only been using the brushes for about a week but I haven’t had any problems with shredding so far; I guess I’ll have to wait until I’ve used them a bit more to get a proper idea.

I had been using Real Techniques brushes previously and although I still love the buffing brush for foundation, I have noticed an improvement in my makeup application since using the Sigma brushes. My favourite brushes from the kit are the F50 Duo Fibre brush and the E30 Pencil. I have been using the F50 to apply my powder and find that it gives and amazing ‘airbrush’ like finish. I like the E30 Pencil as I found that my eyeliner glides on so easily and it’s easy to get a very thin line which is the way I prefer to wear my eyeliner for an everyday look.

I’m not a massive expert on makeup brushes but I have tried a fair few and definitely think these are up there. Like I said earlier, if you are looking for a decent starter kit then these are a good buy and I think the price is fair for what you are getting.

Have any of you guys got the Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection brushes? I’d love to hear what you think of them or if there are any others which you would recommend.

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