Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

I had never really thought to try many of the Clinique mascaras before which is weird because I absolutely love the Bottom Lash mascara that they do. I think it’s just that they are a little pricey starting at £17.50 and going up to £19.50 and if I’m spending that much there are other favourites that I always go to. That all changed when I first received the High Impact mascara in a Clinique gift set a few months ago and loved it. Since then I have had a few sample ones but still never bought the full sized one until recently. I needed a new mascara and was leaning towards Benefit’s Roller Lash but whilst walking towards the counter I saw Clinique and remembered how much I’ve always liked High Impact.

Apologies for the not so great photo here. The lighting was bad and it's really difficult to take a photograph of your own eye!
The wand has brush style bristles (for want of a better description!) that are fairly short but manage to separate the lashes so well. I really get the feeling that it is combing them through rather than just dragging mascara onto them which allows for great definition and absolutely no clumping. This mascara claims to provide both volume and length which I think it does easily but I definitely see the lengthening aspect to it more than the volume. For me, something like Lancôme Hypnôse Drama would provide more volume but I like that High Impact achieves it without clumping which other mascaras are often guilty of.

As for staying power, I have never had any trouble with smudging or the mascara printing itself onto my eye lid. Having said that, it’s not an ordeal to remove it when you want to at the end of the day either which is something I really can’t stand in a mascara. I have quite sensitive eyes so the last thing I want is to have to scrub at them to remove any makeup and make them all red and sore.

The packaging isn’t my favourite. To me it’s very simple, boring and safe and although it isn’t terrible I just think they could have done something a bit more exciting with it. Having said that, if the product inside is good then the packaging isn’t the be all and end all, especially for a mascara which isn’t really something you would have on display or anything.

I have read mixed reviews of High Impact online but for me I can’t really fault it. Clinique seem to be quite good at giving out testers so if you’re unsure it may be worth asking for a sample sized one to try out first before splashing out. I have to mention that the assistant that served me was so lovely and helpful and actually also gave me a mini High Impact mascara and mini Chubby Stick with my purchases which I was so pleased with.

Have you tried this mascara? Which are your favourite mascaras?

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Hannah xx


  1. Clinique has some products that I like but I have never tried the mascara. This sounds like a good product on the overall so I might give it a try, thanks for sharing!


    1. I was surprised by how much I like this mascara as my expectations weren't that high if I'm honest. It really is very good though and definitely worth a try :) x

  2. I have yet to purchase this because of the mixed reviews too but judging from your picture, the results are lovely on your lashes!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you Shireen :) I guess everyone is different at the end of the day but for me I found this mascara worked really well x

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    1. It's quickly becoming one of my favourites too :) x